Looking for a Certification in Business? Look No Further

I had been shopping around for a relatively affordable, online program that provided me some accreditation in the business sphere when I came across “the lifelong mba“. There are a lot of sites that will promise you the world, but which are actually quite slim in the content they deliver and fail to give you any real-world, marketable skills. Then there are other sites that truly do provide excellent business-learning content, but will typically charge you £1000 or more. “the lifelong mba” is not one of these sites.

For only £199, I was awarded their “Mini-MBA certificate” and was provided access to a host of instructional videos that taught me how to analyze businesses, develop strategy, and get a sense of how to work with my clients. There are other videos providing case study analyses of businesses as well as a plethora of interactive worksheets and course handouts. The content is broken up into three modules that integrate with one another seamlessly. The instructor is knowledgeable about the topics he discusses and his lectures are fun to watch in addition. His teaching style successfully breaks down the sometimes-difficult content into easy-to-grasp and digestible topical areas. Even better, “the lifelong mba” provides live webinars on the first Monday of every month, giving you direct access to the instructors and the ability to pose any questions you might have.

I should also mention that the Mini-MBA certificate was a great stepping-stone for my eventual acceptance into a full Masters of Business Administration degree. I felt like I had an advantage over the other students in my cohort, as I was already familiar with many of the concepts that were being discussed. Further, upon posting my Mini-MBA certificate upon some of my social media pages, I almost immediately started getting more traffic into my profile. I am truly grateful for the services and the education that I have received through this site. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.