Tasked with Finding a Crew

My boss wanted to have a party for all of his employees, so he decided to invite everyone to his yacht. I thought it was a bit weird for a boss to show everyone that he has enough money to own a yacht, while the people working under him can’t even afford a fourth of a yacht, but he insisted on having the party. He even gave me the task of doing professional yacht crew recruitment. I had no idea where to find a professional crew to serve on a yacht, but somehow my boss was confident that I would be able to do it.

My first thought was to search online for companies that would provide crews for yachts. One of the top search engine results that I found was for a website that talked about how great their crew members were and how well they would be able to serve anyone. They sounded pretty good to me, so I contacted them about the party that my boss wanted to have and gave them all of the details about how many people we would need and what positions we would need to be filled. They were able to meet our demands pretty easily.

On the day of the big event, nearly everyone came to the yacht party, with the exception of a few people who either had a fear of being on a boat, or get sick whenever they get on one. As everyone boarded the yacht, they were greeted by the friendly members of the crew. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially when they got to the food and drinks. Everyone started to dance, including people that I didn’t think would dance because they’re always so serious and stiff around the office. It was a celebration that everyone needed.