Getting Help with Looking at Shower Doors

I was planning on a remodel for my bathroom. I had the wall color picked out and all the smaller details planned out. I wanted to take the tub out and put in a walk in shower in it’s place. I thought it was going to be easy, how hard would it be to figure out what shower is needed. I didn’t know I would spend so much time looking for glass shower doors in NJ!

I had heard that New Jersey was the best place to get shower doors for cheap. So I went one day and just went around New Jersey looking for shower doors. I had never been so overwhelmed in my life! There are so many different styles of doors and glass that I felt that I would never know what I am going after. Thankfully, I met this woman who did shower doors and she sat me down and we went through the options.

The great think about this place was that she asked to see what ideas I had for my bathroom so we could narrow the door styles and the glass styles down more to fit the style that I was going for in the bathroom. She loved my ideas for the bathroom and helped me get to the point that I would like sliding doors that are frosted. My bathroom was more of a light blue and she said that the frosted glass would look perfect with the blue and if I ever changed up the bathroom, the frosted would go with mostly everything I decided to go, where a clear glass would be for more modern style.

I ordered the doors and in a few weeks, I was able to put them in the bathroom. They ended up looking great! I sent the woman that helped me some photos of the finished product and thanked her for the help. She really did help me so much and I would still be looking at shower doors if it wasn’t for her!