How to Install a Freezer?

Being an industrialist or a house owner, you need a freezer to store and preserve your food items. But first, you have to select the freezer that meets your requirements. Remember the best freezer for you will be one which fits in the space you have, runs economically and efficiently, and falls within your budget. After selecting the appropriate freezer for your needs, then there comes the installation phase which involves installation and initiates working of the freezer. But before installation, you have to determine the appropriate wire type, circuit breaker meeting requirements of the freezer, and electrical outlet. Talking about the wiring requirement, if the freezer operates on 110 Volts then it may require 12X2 electrical wiring and a 110V outlet. If it uses 220V, then it may require 12X3 electrical wiring and a 220V outlet. It also requires a circuit breaker which supports the number of amperes needed for your freezer. In most cases, if it is a 220V it will require a 30-amp breaker. The next step involves measuring the width, depth, and height of your freezer. While taking these measurements, make sure to measure the height with care. Pick a location in your home where you would like to install the freezer. Measure the location to ensure a good fit.

Installation of the circuit breaker

Now, you have to install the circuit breaker to channel your electrical power supply. Do handle it with care because if you show a little negligence, you may encounter a severe shock, of the severe damages. Then connect the power outlet to the circuit breaker and testify its operation. Check that it is providing the exact amount of electric current. This could be done by turning on the breaker panel and testing the outlet using a voltmeter. You must receive either of the two; 110-volt or 220-volt, depending on your freezer requirement. Electric current supply should strictly follow either of these recommendations and there could not be any fluctuations in the current supply as if there is any, it will damage the electricals of your freezer. Now, place your freezer in the appropriate space you have already selected and prepared for. After placing the freezer there, give it some time to get back to normal if it is not towed vertically to that place. Some suggest leaving it for almost 4 hours to get the oil back to the compressor or motor. Now, connect the socket plug to the power outlet, making sure it firm application and switch on the power supply to the freezer. This will initiate the power supply to the freezer and it will start working immediately. At first, you have to leave it empty, fulfilling its cooling process for almost 7 hours until it gets to the temperature of its recommendation. You can check the temperature inside using a freezer thermometer. After attaining the required cooling and temperature, you can then add food items to different compartments. That is all about installing a new freezer.